About Us

“Criticus … the missing card”; is a cultural artistic initiative aimed at the comprehensible dissemination of ancient, modern and contemporary works of art.
Criticus is inspired by SeleArte; exceptional editorial and cinematographic initiative dated 1952 by Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti.
Although with enormous admiration, respect, and the certainty of not being able to even touch the masters, Criticus proposes “critovoice”; or explanations that can be listened to in total autonomy by your Smartphone.
The resources are available in totally free form and are always accessible; in addition, the works that are the subject of “critovoice” are reported on the spot by the “missing Criticus card”.
The incentives for an initiative like this, were many, but certainly the pillars were the curiosity and love for art.
However, even technological updating and the constant new frontiers of interaction, with a careful analysis of the functional and sometimes dysfunctional mechanisms that these involve, have played a significant role in this project.
It should not be forgotten that even the dissatisfaction with the “status quo”, can in some ways be a source of energy; and in this regard, too often, in the proximity of a masterpiece, in some cases even without signaling, the regret was strong for not being able to fully enjoy it.
A parenthesis, although significant, is dedicated to contemporary artists, who are not yet in the limelight, are often very busy in creating and not very predisposed to communicate.
Criticus communicates for them and does so with an international touch, with attention, concreteness and a spirit of perspective.
Finally it is a duty and more than appropriate to mention the modern forms of neo patronage, which are an important part of this initiative.

The Directorate of Criticus hopes and wishes a pleasant use of the contents.